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With all the divorce in the 21st Century, with all the children who have survived a childhood of divorce…Young people are still getting married. I asked myself; how come, people are not petrified of getting married? Isn’t the writing on the wall? Can marriages last? Shouldn’t young people be setting up homes alone and having children in single-parent homes?

So I have asked myself these questions many times before and I keep coming up with the same answers. The reason people seek each other out is for connection. We all crave connection with another. It is the way we survive in this world because human beings are hardwired for connection and without it, we are destined to suffer.

So, how do we go forward without fear of failure and not repeating the patterns of our parents? The answer is through a new set of rules which require:

♥  consciousness,

♥  conversation

♥ a recognition of past patterns of behaviour

♥ and learning how to change them.

The youth of today want to be different.

In other words, they are asking more questions and they are demanding answers. If they can not speak to their parents, then they are finding the correct people to speak too. They are more open to new experiences which make them more aware of themselves in a changing world. Sexually speaking, they are progressive and are making choices that are good for them, and not only good for society. Above all, this awakening of consciousness will only benefit them in their marriages.

Every day, I am exposed to couples, in marriages, who want more connection and more intimacy. There is hope as couples struggle to learn how to communicate with each other in new ways. How to talk about sex for the first time, how to touch each other again after many years and how to put aside resentment and anger and replace it with love, tenderness and forgiveness.

Have a totally awesome day,
Tracy Ziman Jacobs