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Valentine’s Day 2021 is looking a little different than other years, but you know what? That’s not going to stop us from celebrating. We persevere in the name of love! There’s plenty of ways to feel the love come 14th February.

Depending on whether or not you’re physically with your partner this V-Day, the games you can play will vary, with any bedroom games having to take a back seat if your date is over video call.

Facebook’s Messenger service now offers a super-advanced video calling service, which will allow you to set a theme for your Valentine’s Day call with filters and even mood lighting options, so you can bring the lights down low and make it as romantic as possible.

Arrange a dinner date together via Facetime or Zoom, followed by a movie night or box set-binge using an app like Teleparty (formerly Netflix Party).

If you’re fortunate enough to be together:

Cook a meal

For the love birds that are at home I their love nest, you can spoil each other with a delicious meal. Its very bonding to cook together and creates great intimacy.

Have a games night

There are many ways to bond over a games night. Make it romantic by taking a couples relationship quiz.

Turn off technology

If you are together, turn off your cell phones and gadgets. Just enjoy each others company.

Create your own spa experience

Run a bathtub and massage each other after that. There are many great massage oils that you can get your hands on to make the massage great. Check out at 210th silicon lubricant available on my website which works in tandem as a massage oil.

Create an at-home cinema

This is a great idea for any cinephiles, who will undoubtedly be missing their weekly trips to the cinema given they’ve been closed for most of the last year.

Design a scavenger hunt around the house

It might sound kitsch, but creating a scavenger hunt for your partner around your home is a fun and creative way of reminding one another about all the things you love about them.