Tantric Touch Therapy with Josh Muller

What do you mean “touch” therapy? Holistic therapist, Josh Muller speaks to Tracy about his work in touch therapy and sexual healing. Josh takes us through his step-by-step process, which is tailored to the unique needs of each of his patients, and the intimate healing experience they can expect in his sessions. This episode is all about the taboo with a splash of yoga, breath work and BDSM.

Glitter, Glamour & Growth with Drag Artist, ADAM ‘The Glamour Clown’

After her appearance on Totally Not Taboo in 2022, the drag artist, ADAM ‘The Glamour Clown’ humbly retells her story of how she’s grown exponentially since then. Get ready for laughs, wow moments and an all-round sense of wholesomeness.

Mistress Salsa: Temptress of the Dungeon

Listen in on my conversation with the professional dominatrix, Mistress Salsa, as we explore topics like BDSM and kink, and her unassuming suburban Dungeon, and learn about a number of terms associated with the BDSM lifestyle. What is the point of BDSM? What is caning, flogging, and sensual BDSM?

Sharon Gordon: The Queen of Sex Toys

In this episode of Totally Not Taboo, I chat to Sharon Gordon, the owner and founder of the South African adult boutique, Lola Montez. Sharon reminisces about the highs and lows of her 20+ years of experience in the adult sex toy industry, and voices her opinions on “taboo” topics like when and how to speak to your children about sex.

Crystal Yoni Wands

Today’s conversation is about a very interesting and beautiful product from Lila Rasa for women which is made from crystals. Lila Rasa has a variety of products from wands, yoni eggs & butt plugs. Crystals carry certain frequencies and energies and they can help you work through and overcome deep-seated emotions you have held tightly in your body, emotions that can prevent you from connecting with yourself and subsequently with your partners.

Erotica Author

Jade as a self professed late bloomer in the sexual arena decided to write a book in 2013 call aDICKted. Jade has also done a course in Life & Sex Coaching in San Fransisco and did see clients for a time. Jade says she likes to explore and continues to learn – Jade considers herself an educator more than a guru or sexpert. Jade wants to liberate, especially, the nation’s women because she doesn’t believe that anyone has experienced freedom until they have been sexually liberated.

Sex & Religion

I chat with Dr Elna Rudolph who is a Christian Sexologist as well as a medical doctor and has been working in the field of sexual medicine since 2010. She is the founder and clinical head of My Sexual Health. Elna believes it is her calling to speak around sex and the church. Elna believes the rules around sex should be equal where both can experience pleasure, it should always be consensual. Sex is a beautiful spiritual act – so it is acceptable to incorporate God into sex. Elna also believes that teaching children about their genitalia, the correct names and when it’s acceptable and unacceptable to touch and be touched by others will protect them. 

Pelvic Health

Tracy chats to Carren Hughes who is a physiotherapist about pelvic health and sexual pain – Carren ventured into woman’s health and says getting into this field has been mind-blowing for her. So many women who struggle with vaginismus, are unaware that there are treatments available to them to be able to live a healthy life. In today’s podcast, we want to break the myths and the taboos – so that you know you do not have to suffer.

Sex Toys and Disability

I chat with Makgosi who is a paraplegic and has a company called Wheels & Toys.

Makgosi became disabled only a few years ago through illness, and not only was her physical life changed but she faced many challenges and losses from losing her partner, custody of her child, her home, and business.

This journey has led her to start this amazing online business where she does sex toy reviews for disabled women and is also a personal toy shopper.

The Art of Drag & Drag Queens

I chat with the fabulous drag artist – Adam Benefeld!! Adam talks about the art & the industry of drag.

His amazing journey from managing drag artists to starting his own company and creating a drag community through this. Adam wears many hats, from hosting and directing to performing on stage, and explains how drag is performance art. Adam also tells us about the judgment and discrimination that he deals with when in drag and how he was given the confidence and courage through other drag queens and especially through RuPaul.

Polyamory, Ethical Non-Monogamy & Parallel Polyamory

I chat with Erich Viedge who is the head of Polyamory in South Africa. We discussed many topics around Polyamory, Ethical Non-Monogamy, and Parallel Polyamory.

Play with Me – Carmen

Tracy chats to Carmen, The Fun Sex Toy Lady all about the world of sex toys. “Play with Me” is a premium supplier of intimate adult products. While Play With Me is, indeed, a premium supplier of intimate adult products, what we believe in, what we strive for is so much more than that.

Intimacy with Disability

I chat to Oscar Von Memerty about his  personal experiences in the world of dating, sex, sexuality and intimacy. We looked at navigating relationships between interabled couples as well as educating society about how to interact with people with disabilities.

Holy Yoni

I chat to Dakini Shima who is a wisdom dakini of the tantric lineage that originated in India 5000 years ago. Are you ready to enter into deep learning of love, sex and intimacy?

I Chat to Mr.Sexpo!

I chat to David Ross, Mr Sexpo about his start in the adult industry, from owing a brothel to starting SEXPO!

All Things Naughty & Nice

A naughty conversation between Tracy and Ndileka who is a certified Sex & Intimacy Coach, Sexpert & Blogger. Ndileka uses her new found voice to be seen and heard and to empower other woman.

Why Men Like It & Why Women Don’t

Tracy chats to South Africa’s most famous exotic dancer and owner of Lollipop lounge. Gigi’s journey from the University of Stellenbosch to the Arts, becoming Penthouse Pet and Strip Tease Queen. Gigi is also known as the Sole survivor of Survivor South Africa. We talk about the taboo’s and stigma’s around strip clubs and the hands on approach that Gigi has with training and mentoring her dancers at the Lollipop Lounge. Gigi has also written a bare all memoir called Nipple Caps & G-Strings.

Wild Woman Tantra & Womb Work

Tracy has a deeply fascinating conversation with Suskia Strafella about her spiritual path which led her to practice and teach Womb work, Womb Yoga and traditional Tantric work.


Naked Yoga with Sajiv Issuree

Speaking to Sajiv Issuree it became clear that there is a misunderstanding associated with the practice of Naked Yoga, the assumption that Naked Yoga is connected to a sexual experience is incorrect, it is rather a deeply spiritual mind body connection.



I speak to Athol & Amanda about the taboos of Naturism.

Athol is the Marketing Director of the SunEden Naturist Resort and Marketing Director of Joxilox Tours and Amanda is the Managing Director of Joxilox Tours which offers tours to South Africans as well as the European market, New Zealand, Australia, Canada and the USA.


Sex Bots & The Digital Age of Sex

I speak to Michelle Henrico, a systems engineer at CallTech Technologies, about Sexbots and the digital age of sex.

Kahuna Massage

I chat to Sean Rattenbury, a spiritual man, about Kahuna massage and other healing modalities.

BDSM & Kink

Mistress Salsa shares the deep and mysterious side of BDSM & Kink as well as being a Mistress. After visiting her Dungeon, which consisted of different ‘rooms’ I learned about all the toys and bondage accessories used in this ancient and traditional practice.
Tantric massage podcast

Bodywork & Tantric Therapy

After starting as a sports massage therapist he decided to delve into sensual massage as he began to crave deeper meaning in his work. He used his skills and own personal journey of self-healing to help guide others on their journey.

Sex Addiction

Sharon Rosen have a in depth discussion about what sex addiction is – and understanding the difference between process addiction and substance addiction.
Anal play

The Talks

Anal play

Anal Play

Tracy and Lisa speak candidly about anal play and sex toys. They cover the fears and taboos that people have when it comes to giving or receiving anal sex. Lisa also spoke about the glass wand called the Mina and other sex toys.
Anal play

Upfront & Personal with Transgenderism

Chatting to Lee-Anne about the Be True 2 Me Organisation – the support that they offer, as well as her personal transitioning to womanhood. The realities of the journey may not always be smooth sailing. It’s not just the transgender person transitioning – its also the people around them. We spoke about CIS gender, gender identity and sexual orientation. We also spoke about the inroads Lee-Anne is making as she fights for trans community from a Human Rights perspective.
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Coming Out & Living Life Just for Today

Chatting to Helen Boyce about her journey from childhood sexual abuse to coming out as a gay girl in the 1980’s to alcohol abuse, prostitution, drug abuse and finally recovery.
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Vulvas & Vaginas

I spoke Dr Mpume about vulva’s & vagina’s and tackled the taboo’s around what is “normal” when it comes to woman’s odors, shapes and grooming.
She says “ My hope for every human with a vulva and vagina is that we would come to know how beautiful we are, understand and fall in love with every part of our bodies, work with and not against ourselves”
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Vaginal Rejuvenation

I chat to Dr. Nicole Kanaris -one of South Africa’s more experienced aesthetic doctors.

Dr. Kanaris is the only doctor registered in South Africa to train other doctors on the coveted O-Shot®, a regenerative procedure using a patient’s own platelets to rejuvenate the female orgasm system.


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Let’s Really Talk About Sex

This weeks episode with Catriona Boffard focused on possible conversations that woman should and could be having with one another about their sexual experiences and how we can encourage more open and honest communication between men and woman so that we can live our best sexy life.
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The Ins and Outs of Intimacy Coaching

Understanding Intimacy Coaching as a holistic way of bringing about sexual healing in the body. Focusing on the different modalities of body work, what body work is and how it is used to realign the meridians in the body. We spoke about code of conduct and working under the umbrella of Intimacy Coaching international as being vital in upholding consensual practice between practitioner and client.
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Vulnerability as a Taboo

Today we spoke about vulnerability from Kyle’s perspective, in terms of living an authentic life. Understanding who he is evolving into as he identifies with his true self as lover, friend, coach and human being within society.
international as being vital in upholding consensual practice between practitioner and client.
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Thriving as a Gay Man in a Straight Man’s World

Today we are joined by Or Aisenstadt talking about Thriving as a gay an in a straight man’s world.
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I spoke to Naeem Cassim about what led him to want to do his PhD in Chemsex. We looked at what chemsex is and why gay men engage in this type of sex, what drugs are used and the effects of these drugs. We also discussed the risks of drug abuse and various health concerns as a result of using drugs during sexual participation. 

I spoke to Jarrod about his experiences during active addiction as a regular participant in chemsex, both positive and negative. He confirmed a lot of the aspects of Naeem’s research.  We also spoke about his life in recovery.

Why is Sex Taboo?

I spoke to Judy Alter about the general context of how people and couples find sex a taboo and challenging experience. The interview referred to different modalities that are possibly oppositional and in obstruction to a freer sexual interaction. Some of those obstructions include our cultural bias, our religious dogma, and our family expectations in creating such taboos in sex and sexuality.