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Sexbots podcast

Sex Bots & The Digital Age Of Sex

I speak to Michelle Henrico, a systems engineer at CallTech Technologies, about Sexbots and the digital age of sex.

Kahuna Massage Podcast

Kahuna Massage

I chat to Sean Rattenbury, a spiritual man, about Kahuna massage and other healing modalities.

BDSM & Kink

Mistress Salsa shares the deep and mysterious side of BDSM & Kink as well as being a Mistress. After visiting her Dungeon, which consisted of different ‘rooms’ I learned about all the toys and bondage accessories used in this ancient and traditional practice.

Tantric massage podcast

Bodywork & Tantric Therapy

I chat to Josh Muller about body work and tantric therapy.

Living Life Just For Today

I chat to Helen Boyce about her journey from childhood sexual abuse to coming out as a gay girl in the 1980’s to alcohol abuse, prostitution, drug abuse and finally recovery.

Sex Addiction

Sharon Rosen have a in depth discussion about what sex addiction is – and understanding the difference between process addiction and substance addiction.

Anal play

The Talks



Anal play

Anal Play

I chat to Lisa Welsh about all things anal play.