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Those client’s who are single, get a chance to debunk old myths as well as find new and exciting ways of unleashing their Inner Goddess.

Apart from individual and couple counselling sessions, I run a variety of workshops and group sessions, thereby creating a safe space to share information and experiences with other like-minded people.


For couples, Totally Me provides tools to reconnect sexually, emotionally, intellectually. physically and spiritually. Coaching will facilitate the process of re-patterning old behaviour and challenge existing and dysfunctional patterns.

Find out where you have both been over the past decade, whilst raising children, making ends-meet and building a future for your family.

Couples Relationship Therapy Session

Group Workshops

Sharing experiences about intimacy in a safe space, allows healing energy to pass through all who are present. Workshops are designed with the needs of the group in mind. Whether it be a bachelorette party, or a bunch of friends looking for a fun and informative experience. Totally Me wants to create a journey for you like no other. 

Fee Structure

First Session: 50% off  Duration: 1 Hour
Thereafter, sessions are R1000 per session (1 hour)
Totally Me is a cash practice. Payment is required upfront.

Medical Aid rates apply*

Online sessions available.

When we first met Tracy we were a complicated mess … complete strangers to one another after so many years, caught up with feelings of feeling unloved, unwanted and unseen.

I knew we had to do something, our home life and children were taking the brunt of our mess. The conventional way of sitting down with a marriage counsellor just didn’t feel right … we needed something else.

Finding Tracy has been the best blessing and we are so grateful to her.

Tracy sat us down, her warm smile and good sense of humour coaxed us into her room. Through her very caring and understanding ways listened to our stories. No judgement whatsoever, creating a safe space for the two of us to pour our hearts out. Lots of tears, frustration and anger unleashed itself in her safe cocoon of space.

She made us realize that although we had lost our way, one thing was evident the love that we that we still had for one another was still there.

We are now in a much stronger space, Tracy has taught us that a marriage is not a given and you need to constantly work at it … step out of your comfort zone, you are never too old to try new things and as my husband put it so beautifully we have now entered a new phase of our marriage. He is very excited at Tracy’s ideas of homework. I am mildly terrified … making me step out of my comfort zone and knowing that it’s okay!

I can’t recommend Tracy enough, and although there is still work to be done, knowing Tracy is there to hold our hands makes the journey not so daunting.

Thank you Tracy