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Lets Talk About Quickies

By October 16, 2018No Comments

Sue and Dave have got three kids, aged 3, 5 and 7. They set their alarm for 6 o’clock. Sue goes to give Amy and Zoe their bottles while Jake still sleeps. She comes back to the bedroom and applies some lube to her yoni. She gets back into bed and feels for Dave, who has his morning glory as per usual. She takes down his sleeper shorts and wakes him with gentle kisses to his ear and neck. He stirs and so their quickie lasts all of 7 minutes. Just in time, for baby Amy and Zoe to start stirring and for Jake to start wondering into the room.

Both Dave and Sue have had their morning oats, and feel revived, energised and ready to face the day with creativity, a spring in their in step and a twinkle in their eyes.Other ways to have quickies in the morning is to close the bathroom door, let him sit on the closed toilet seat, straddle your lover for instant pleasure. Take a shower together but don’t forget the lube and to lock the bathroom door.

The importance of quickies in a relationship keep you connected through the day, it keeps the passion alive, and keeps you wanting more of each other, and wanting more sex. The more you have it the more you want it. Starting your morning off with a quickie gives you energy throughout the day, and allows you to be more creative during the day. It additionally acts as a mood stabilizer, relieves menstrual pain and even headaches!

Try the quickie challenge- try have a quickie with your partner at least twice a week for a month and take note of the results.


Don’t forget to also do date night once a week! Throw in one session on your weekend, and you’ve filled your quota for the week 😉 Well done – you’re rocking it!