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A new year. A new attitude.

December either brought you closer together or threw you further apart. Either way, here are some breakthrough ideas on how to make 2020 a brand-new start to a brand-new relationship. The one you have always wanted.

The Complain Game

Men are constantly complaining that they are not having enough sex and women are complaining that they feel taken for granted. The result is a lot of unhappiness and resentment, making connection and intimacy almost impossible. The cycle of arguments are endless and frustration builds and builds until couples land up in my office, feeling as though there is no more hope.

And So It Goes…

Life happened and, possibly, children entered the picture. Life got more challenging as bills piled up. Stress increased. One would imagine that the couple would work together during these life changes, but unfortunately, life, tears them apart.

Connection Connection Connection

Couples who are battling life’s challenges together, and staying together, are those who are having regular sex. They are remaining physically and intimately connected. Their lines of communication are open as they talk openly about their challenges. Couples who are not physically and intimately connected, battle through life on their own path, feeling isolated and alone. Couples who are connected are constantly ‘showing up’ in every way. Her warrior is present as he helps his goddess alleviate her stress around the house, starting in the morning with household chores. 

The Warrior

He comes home from work, puts down his tools and gets involved in the family. He helps with the children. He helps with homework, bathing, possibly even washes the dishes. As a result, his goddess is calm throughout the day, knowing she is supported as she goes off to work. She is able to handle stress a little easier.

The Goddess

She is able to focus on herself and gives more attention to what she looks like and has more time in her day to plan delicious meals and see to the children. Since her warrior is present in the evenings, she is able to sit down to a quiet dinner and listen to her warrior. She is present. She is calm.

Goddess and Warrior

When this warrior reaches for his goddess to make love at night, there is no resentment or frustration as she responds to his touch with ease and excitement.

Utopia? Oh yesssssss!!!!!!!

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