Tracy Ziman Jacobs, Intimacy and Relationship Coach, Totally Me™ situated in Bryanston, Naturally Yours Wellness Centre.

When we are young, we think we know everything. Especially when we reach our young adult years between the age of 18-25. Generally speaking, people believe that opposites attract, and often these young adults, get hooked into the romantic idea that the more different we are, the more exciting the relationship will be.

As the relationship tends to become more serious, these differences can become real obstacles in the relationship as we find ourselves wanting to change the very thing that we thought we were so attracted to. As we have heard so many times that “oil and water don’t mix”, as I get older, I realize that the more similar people are, the more likely they are to get along with one another.

So, when asked the other day, ‘What should one look for in a partner?’ The answer is that, you should look for someone who is the mirror image of yourself. Someone who is the same as you, in terms of, intellect, social standing, values, religion, sense of humor, sense of style. If I am an outgoing person, will I be embarrassed if he is shy and unfriendly? If I take care of my appearance, I want my guy to look good when we go out as well. He must match me in every way.

And so, in conclusion, where differences and variety can add color and spice to a relationship, the differences should not be so severe that they are unrecognisable to oneself.

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