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Tracy Ziman Jacobs’ Interview with Hello Joburg

  1. Tracy is a therapeutic counsellor who works as a specialised intimacy and relationship coach within her consultancy, Totally Me. She has a passion for saving marriages, so we say amen to that!What do you love most about being a South African woman?I love being a South African woman because we’re tough and we’re strong. I believe we’re a nation who, against all odds, has endurance. Women have always been the quiet and steady stronghold, leading and supporting, sometimes in a quiet way and sometimes very loudly. We’re unique and each one of us is so beautiful in our own way.

    Tell us what being an intimacy and relationship coach means…

    I focus on helping people be more intimate with themselves and their partners. I use talk therapy together with some physical intimacy techniques.

    Do you think couples are more intimate in the 21st century?

    Couples have access to more variety now. There’s a lot more at our disposal, and information is easily accessible, which makes achieving intimacy more favourable. The state of marriage has changed over centuries, and we don’t marry for the same reasons as we did in the 18th century. In saying as much, couples are yearning for intimacy within their relationships, and often find it outside the marriage. Marriage is where the greatest intimacy of all should exist.

  1. What three things enhance a relationship?Honest and open communication, frequent physical intimacy, and lastly, the understanding and practice of unconditional love.Your guilty pleasure is…

    A 90-minute Thai massage. I make sure the kids are organized, and then I switch off my phone.

    Your number one bucket list destination?

    I love the African bush, so I’d love to follow the Serengeti Migration.

    Your staple closet piece is…

    Without a doubt, a black kami to wear under EVERYTHING! And black leggings.

    What was the last book you read?

    The last novel I read was very strange, yet interesting. It was called ‘We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves’ by Karen Joy Fowler. I’m also reading ‘The Language of Sex’ by Gary Smalley.

    W: www.totallymetracy.co.za

    T: @totallymetracy

    FB: @totallymetracy

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