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Goddess and Warrior

Little girls grow up with the dream of attaining their “true love’ fairy-tale. Always in search of everlasting love with their Knight in shining armour. He presents himself as her saviour on a stallion, in the deepest darkest nigh. He slays the fiercest dragon and kisses her cherry lips, only to infuse the life back into them.

She is the fairest of them all. She is desirable, adored, beautiful, vulnerable, secretive, alluring and sensual. The princess, long forgotten, in the far-away castle, discarded or banished. She lies waiting for her prince to rescue her. The prince: strong, charming, romantic, devoted, reliable and willing to please. He saves her and they ride off, perfectly matched in beauty, strength and character, into the night, they go forth to build a thriving kingdom with heirs for generations to come.

Why does this young girl chase this gallant warrior?

What makes her chase this dream of love ever-after?

What does he promise? What does she represent to him and how does he make her feel?

Let me explain. To the prince, she is the most precious, most desirable. His one and only, true love! Nothing can be more appealing and more beautiful to him. He, in return receives her eternal love, devotion, physical care, commitment and future generations.

And then… Life happens and things don’t always work out the way they are planned. Women complain about being taken for granted. That their men never tell them that they are beautiful. That they don’t take notice of them anymore. That their men are lazy and disinterested. Women are not getting their needs met.

Men are complaining that their women are always tired, always moaning. That nothing is ever good enough. That everything costs money and they are not getting enough sex. Men are not getting their needs met, nor are they satisfied.

So, what happens to this beautiful couple who can’t get enough of each other? Suddenly, they can’t stand to be near each other!

Each magnificent Goddess and Warrior need to rise their heads from beneath the rubble and rise once more to claim what was very precious and dear to them. Princess’s need to behave like royalty and in turn be treated like royalty while Warriors need to step up and assume their role to receive the same treatment (come home from work and help). Everyone is tired at the end of the day!

Even the ‘stay-at-home’ mom who drinks coffee and goes to gym all morning still gets tired at night. Buy your wife some roses on occasion, even after 17 years of marriage. Make a decision about what movie to watch or which restaurant to visit. Present yourself as the man you were when you were dating – be charming, devoted, eager-to-please, reliable and confident.

Women thrive on being adored and desired. Think about a stripper or pole dancer, or even a porn star – she is the centre of attention. Men are drooling over her, she is pure male fantasy. She represents secrecy, vulnerability, sexuality, sensuality, control, prowess and charm. These are the same characteristics of a Goddess.

Come home as a Warrior and you will bring out the Goddess in your woman!

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