Intimacy Coach, Relationship Coach, Sexual Health Coach

I am a Social Worker and Intimacy Coach who is passionate about assisting couples and individuals wishing to transcend another level of intimacy within their relationships.

Having graduated in 1996 with a BA (Social Science) I attended Family Life Centre (FAMSA) for the duration of my practical training and thereafter was employed at Family Life Center as an Occupational Social Worker.

I am a member of SASHA- South African Sexual Health Association, WAS- World Association of Sexual Health, SACSSP 1017450, SAASWIPP and a team member of My Sexual Health. My practice number is 0933546.

Tracy is a gifted therapist who has the ability to quickly identify and shed light on the core issues negatively impacting a relationship. 12 years into my relationship and marriage, Tracy was able to make sense of age old and current issues and point out areas of opportunity for both my husband and myself from day 1. Her guidance and advice has always been fair and constructive, even whilst having to deal with issues that some may consider “deal breakers”.

Five years prior to meeting Tracy, my husband and I consulted with another therapist for a couple months. I can say with confidence that Tracy is highly intuitive, effective, mature, and respectful with a great sense of humour and compassion. I look forward to her being a part of my marriage for as long as required.