Relationship coaching aims to specifically improve the feeling of “closeness

About Tracy

I am a qualified Social Worker and Intimacy Coach who is passionate about assisting couples and individuals wishing to transcend another level of intimacy within their relationships.

Having graduated in 1996 with a BA (Social Science) I attended Family Life Centre (FAMSA) for the duration of my practical training and thereafter was employed at Family Life Center as an Occupational Social Worker.

How Tracy got into Intimacy Coaching

From her experience working with couples and families, she realized that people have a strong pull towards the romantic notion that ‘love will conquer all and that the soul is always searching for peace with its other half. Based on these notions, Tracy strives to reconnect couples using modern day techniques from all fields of psychological and spiritual sources as a means of moving clients towards action.

As Human Beings, we are constantly interacting with the world around us and the people in it. We need to sharpen our tools in order to make this ride through life as smooth as possible.

By this I mean, zoning in on and improving the connections we have with ourselves and with the people in our lives.

Intimacy comes in various forms and so when a deep sense of connection exists within ourselves and in our relationships, we tend to feel more supported, therefore able to manage the demands and stresses of our environment.

Relationship Coaching
Relationship coaching aims to specifically improve the feeling of “closeness’ in a relationship.
My Approach
My approach is to provide couples and individuals with the tools to improve intimacy in a relatively short period of time.
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Tracy provides a professional, personal, and high quality service to her clients. She has created a space in which her clients feel relaxed and nurtured and are able to learn valuable tools and techniques. Her workshops promote a sense of enthusiasm and inspiration for both men and women.

Anne-Marie ClulowIntimacy Coach

I absolutely love Tracy! This was the first time I went to couples counselling and she made the entire experience fun yet professional. She just got the way I was feeling without me having to even say anything. She gives honest and real advice and is perfect for couples (happy or unhappy) wanting to build a strong communicative relationship. I couldn’t recommend her enough.